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List your boat

To get the best result in selling your vessel, follow these easy steps, or contact our Broker, Dean Ganfield for assistance in preparing your vessel and listing for sale 0459 336 244.


Prepare your vessel for sale, complete any repairs or maintenance required, remove any unnecessary items from onboard, clean, tidy and polish.
If you don’t have the time to detail the vessel yourself, contact us to arrange detailing for you.


Prepare a thorough inventory, ensure you include only what you wish to sell with the boat, anything you wish to keep, remove or clearly identify on the inventory as not included in the sale.


Contact our broker Dean Ganfield, to arrange photographs and list your vessel.


NOTE if you have gas on board your vessel, you will be required to provide a gas certificate to transfer the registration to a new owner. We highly recommend contacting a gasfitter when you list your vessel, if you do not hold a current gas certificate.