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Environmental Policies

Keppel Bay Marina cares about the environment,
We ask all our boat owners, our contractors and visitors to do the same.

Our marina rules are designed to protect the environment, your property and yourself.
View our our Certificate of Environmental Support.


Our Permit to Occupy Terms and Conditions include important rules for protecting our environment, particularly to note….

“Save and except for such works as may be authorised and permitted to be carried out within the Marina, the carrying out of repairs and/or refitting of vessels within the Marina is prohibited with the exception of minor repairs capable of being undertaken by the Occupant and where such minor repairs are permitted at the discretion of the Marina Management”.

Any work which risks pollution of any kind (air, noise or water) is not permitted in the marina. This includes, but is not limited to painting, sanding, grinding, welding and fibreglassing. 

“Garbage and/or refuse of any kind shall within the Marina only be placed in the rubbish bins provided by the Marina management. The Occupant shall not put, cast or cause or suffer to fall from anywhere within the Marina area any litter, filth, sewage, dry or wet refuse or waste materials into the Marina waters.”

Recycling facilities are available for recycling, cardboard, oil, batteries, and co-mingled recycling. For any other recycling, please see our office team who will endeavour to help

“No open discharge toilet[Marine head] on any vessel within the Marina shall be used under any circumstances whilst such vessel is in the Marina.”

Holding tanks must be used at all times while in the marina. Refer to MSQ Sewage Information.  Pump Out is available via one of our Waste Contractors, alternately refer to the discharge Map for our area.

“The discharge of any oil, grease, fuel or oil impregnated water or bilge water or any contaminates or pollutant into the Marina waters is prohibited. The Occupant shall strictly observe and comply with the provisions of the Environmental Protection Act 1994 and any other statute, regulation, by-law, and/or any other proper requirement of any relevant authority pertaining in any way to the Marina and/or to any vessel within the Marina.”

In case of oil, grease or fuel spill please notify Marina office immediately.
Spill Kits are located in the marina containers and boatyard. All significant spills must be reported directly to MSQ.

“Swimming, diving and/or fishing within the Marina is prohibited.”

Both commercial and recreational diving is prohibited within the marina under all circumstances. There are many reasons behind this which not only fall under safety, but importantly the environmental responsibility we have as a marina. Vessel hulls must always be cleaned in a controlled environment so that harsh chemicals found in paints such as antifoul can be collected and prevented from entering the waterways.

  1. NO SWIMMING is for your safety
  2. No Fishing is to protect our marine ecosystem
  3. The land and waters of Keppel Bay Marina, including the seabed are Private Property.
  4. To protect our diverse marine life, Fishing in the Marina is prohibited.
  5. To discourage trespassers from fishing in the marina, vessel owners are asked to turn off Blue Underwater lights when in the marina.
  6. In our experience the blue lights lure both fish and fishermen to your vessel.

“Water supply available to each berth is available for use for that berth only. The Occupant must provide their own hose which must be stored when not in use, so as not to present a hazard to other users of the Marina. Hoses must not be left unattended while not in use. Fire hoses or hydrants must not be used for any purpose other than fire fighting, testing and any other proper use to which they may be put from time to time by the Marina Management.”



Our organisation is committed to the concept that the world’s oceans, rivers and lakes are the cradle of life as we know it. We acknowledge our responsibility as custodians at this time to protect the maritime environment as our highest priority. Our organisation understands that if we allow the pollution of our maritime environment we will contribute to the destruction of the biodiversity that allows the global environment to function. Our business relies on having clean waterways and a pristine marine environment for our customers and stakeholders to enjoy. Our organisation is committed to reduce and eventually eliminate the use of single use plastics at our marina. We understand that we need to proactively address the single-use of plastics in our supply chain. Our organisation is committed to reducing waste and reducing our carbon footprint on the environment. Our organisation pledges to eliminate the use of single use plastics by 2025 at our marina through changed business practices and recycling. We commit to monitoring our results and sharing our successes through transparency. We make this pledge to ensure current and future generation’s for their enjoyment of a pristine maritime environment that underpins our business and our industry.



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